LMS Features

Live Virtual Classroom Features

Easy to use

Completely user-friendly with an elegant design

Reliable & scalable

Hassle-free virtual classrooms

Collaborative features

Collaborative tools to enhance engagement beyond video conferencing

Digital whiteboard

Enables cohesive and productive brainstorming sessions, group activities and STEM courses

Live quizzes

Strategically designed to keep the learners engaged during virtual sessions; quizzes create a log proof of presence, improve focus and responding ability

Screen sharing

HD screen share helps learners in articulately following the taught syllabus during online sessions.

Breakout rooms

Encourage students to work together on group projects giving them a comfortable space to work together

Cloud storage

Upload and manage course content including presentations, PDF documents, videos and more for students to access

Real time notes

Notes are available for students to download instantly with no need to copy and paste.

Youtube integration

Search for and play YouTube videos to watch with everyone in the class

Live Online Delivery

LMS Compatibility