Infinitum Education

To build a Global Community of Entrepreneurs, Innovators, and Game Changers!

our Story

Infinitum is a Latin word meaning, “to infinity.” This aligns with our principle belief that the power of knowledge is endless and is the most critical factor in creating a positive social change for future generations.

Infinitum Education was set up in Oxford as a member of the incubator business development programme for Oxford University academics run by the University of Oxford’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Oxford University Innovation and continues to be supported by it.*

*All programmes are developed, managed and taught by Infinitum Education

Qaiser Khan
Founder & CEO


To be a Global Leader in Entrepreneurship & Skills Education. 


We are on a mission to democratize Entrepreneurship & Skills training via hybrid, simulation, and gamified learning.


Faculty & Advisors

Oxford University Innovation - Advisory Board

Our goal is to connect students with leading professionals. We believe that you must learn from the best to be the best.