Young Entrepreneurs Programme


Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Mindset in the STEM Stream at YEP!

Welcome to the STEM stream of the Young Entrepreneurs Programme (YEP), where we blend the realms of entrepreneurship and scientific exploration, empowering you to become a visionary in the world of sciences.

Dive into Cutting-Edge STEM: Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of engineering, medicine, machine learning, genetics, generative A.I and mathematics. Our curriculum is designed to deepen your understanding of these fields while igniting your passion for innovation.

Practical Skills for Real-World Scientists: We empower you with tangible, real-world skills utilised by scientists in their daily pursuits. Learn to apply your knowledge to real-world challenges, fostering an entrepreneurial mindset that drives you to seek innovative solutions.

Meet the Brightest Minds: At YEP, you will have the incredible opportunity to connect with the most brilliant researchers, technologists, and engineers of our time. Their experiences and expertise will inspire you to push boundaries and explore the limitless possibilities in STEM.

Pitch Your STEM Innovations: During the programme, you will be encouraged to develop and pitch entrepreneurial ideas. This unique opportunity allows you to showcase your creativity and problem-solving abilities, proving that the STEM subjects are a powerful foundation for groundbreaking ventures.

Embrace the Confluence of STEM and Entrepreneurship: By merging the scientific disciplines with an entrepreneurial mindset, YEP nurtures future leaders who can drive transformative change. You will be equipped not only to excel in your scientific pursuits but also to envision new paths for innovation and progress.

Join YEP’s STEM stream and embark on an enlightening journey where the world of entrepreneurship and sciences merge harmoniously. Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit in the STEM stream, and let curiosity and innovation shape your future success!